WiFi Adapters

Establishing a computer network for your organisation is a good method to guarantee that all of your data, papers, and intellectual property are properly handled and securely kept in today's high-tech environment.

Creating a strong network for your company

The server is at the core of every company network, and you'll find lots of options at House of Computers. We provide a wide range of tower servers, as well as rack-mounted versions and all of the cabinets you'll need to house your server. Larger businesses with limited space might want to try one of our blade servers.

Switches, cabling, and more

If the server is the beating heart of any network, the cabling is just as vital. Using the high-quality cabling offered at House of Computers, ensure that your data is transported quickly and safely.

You'll also need peripherals like KVM switches and network switches for effective operation, and routers are a critical component of networking.

Storage that is connected to a network

You'll need dependable and large-capacity Network Attached Storage to store your data (NAS). NAS drives with capacities of up to 4 terabytes are available at House of Computers in a variety of form factors and spindle speeds.

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