Desktop Hard Drives

External hard drives are a fantastic piece of equipment. They may dramatically enhance the storage capacity of a PC or Mac and provide safe storage for backup information. Even while desktop variants are available, most external hard drives are small and portable, making them perfect for moving important digital information safely. Or for simply bringing DVDs to a friend's house.

What's the use of having an external hard drive?

In a nutshell? Convenience... External hard drives are the most convenient option to expand a computer's storage capacity. They are simple plug-and-play gadgets that do not require you to open the casing. Portable hard drives, on the other hand, allow you to carry your data and media downloads with you wherever you go.

What's the deal with external hard drives?

The majority of us have used a flash drive. These drives have a similar fundamental principle as flash drives, but they are meant to be more permanent and have considerably higher capacity. Although some versions are wireless, the majority of these hard drives are linked through USB. There are a few alternatives available to you:

Hard discs for desktop computers

As the name implies, they are meant to rest on your desk and serve as a permanent extra hard drive for your computer. Desktop hard drives are often bigger and may significantly enhance your computer's storage capacity, since they can be as large as 12TBs. This makes them excellent for home users with big movie libraries as well as corporate customers.

Hard drives that may be taken anywhere

When it comes to external hard drives, most of us desire something small and portable. And we offer a big selection of portable hard drives at House of Computers. And, while their capacities are generally lower than those found on desktop computers, they still provide more than adequate storage for most of us, allowing us to store hundreds of films and thousands of other media files. Portable hard drives are also an alternative for individuals who prioritise speed over anything else.

Selecting an External Hard Drive

Although storage capacity is the most essential factor to consider when purchasing a new hard drive, there are other factors to consider as well. You must consider the interface, the power supply, and, of course, the pricing while making your selection. Use the helpful filter features on the left of the screen to pick the many choices available to help you focus your search.

Whichever hard drive you pick, you can be assured that House of Computers will provide you with the greatest online price. Order now to take advantage of our discounted prices.

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